Femalegra – Sildenafil for Women

While erectile dysfunction is a devastating health disorder in men, Sildenafil Citrate is considered to be a male treatment. However, continuous development of the modern pharmaceutical market has led to the effective Sildenafil use in women. While women cannot experience problems with erection, they frequently witness complications achieving orgasm, sexual excitement and even desire. At this point, Femalegra is the exact drug that helps balance all these processes and guarantee an excellent intercourse.

Lady Viagra is a powerful remedy, which belongs to the group of PDE 5 inhibitors and is similar to the original male drug, stimulates an improved blood circulation in the organism. Promoting a better flow to the genital area, the drug guarantees advanced sensitivity and overall feelings. Apart from the main use, Femalegra can be administered off-label for other conditions. However, both therapies require medical assistance, which will be a guarantee of positive outcomes and decreased risk of adverse reactions.

complications sexual excitementBeing a generic treatment, Femalegra can be offered without a prescription, which adds certain responsibilities to customers, especially following the safety recommendations. The drug is not approved for patients, who are under 18 years old, as well as women, who are allergic to Sildenafil or other components of Female Viagra. Additionally, it is important to use the drug in a proper dose, suiting the condition and peculiarities of the health state. Provide your medical specialist or online doctor with details of your current health state, so that he/she could recommend you the exact dose, which will help achieve the desired effects with minimal risks. Patients diagnosed with bleeding disorders, retinitis pigmentosa, blood impairments, heart-related disorders and other complications should avoid Femalegra intake, or will require an ultimately personalized dose.

Does Female Sildenafil Work?

Lady ViagraTo understand the actions Femalegra promotes on the organism, it is inevitable to realize its effect, form and advantageous influences. First of all, Femalegra 100 mg is aimed at the female part of the population. The composition of the drug resembles the traditional erectile dysfunction tablet, but the action it triggers differs a bit. Classified as a PDE 5 type inhibitor, the medication increases the blood vessels and advances the blood flow, which launches faster achievement of the orgasm. It is vital to mention that Femalegra is appreciated as one of the most innovative and powerful treatments, aimed at prevention and improvement of female sexual dysfunctions and advancement of the libido and sexual desire.

Among the main benefits of the tablet, people single out the following characteristics:

  • Stronger sexual desire;
  • Increased level of lubrication;
  • Enhanced sensitivity;
  • Improved satisfaction from the sexual intercourse;
  • Managed female health during pre- and post-menopausal periods.

The achievement of all these beneficial reactions requires time and consideration. Proper Femalegra use is exceptionally important, as it helps you eliminate complications and side effects. The drug should be administered on a when-needed basis, not more than 1 tablet every 24 hours. The average dose, necessary for the positive effect, is 100 mg but it can vary depending on the peculiarities of each condition.

Sildenafil and Female Sexuality

Femalegra Sildenafil CitrateBeing a female Viagra name, Femalegra has a popularity of a potential erectile dysfunction drug, which advances the level of satisfaction and pleasure from the intercourse. The drug is exceptionally helpful for patients, who are over 40 years old and face problems in their sexual life. Decreased self-esteem, low libido, no sexual desire and accompanying problems can ruin your life and relationships, making you unhappy for the rest of your life. However, Femalegra is the exact treatment, which will help you and prevent you from the early stop of your sex life.

Get your sexuality and drive back with the revolutionary female health medication. Watch possible misuse and overuse reactions since they can spoil the desired reaction. Seek immediate medical assistance in case Femalegra intake has resulted in serious allergic reactions, heart problems, stomach impairments, kidney or liver issues, as well as similar health problems.